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Music K-8 Magazine

Teaching music to today's children can be a truly gratifying profession, but it often takes hard work and long hours. That's why we've created a unique magazine full of new music, information, and other valuable resources that you will start using with your students from the first day you receive it.

We have designed this to be a "hands-on" magazine packed with usable, accessible material. We've talked to a lot of teachers and continue to change our mix of music and articles to best fill the needs of today's music teachers.

This is probably why we hear from so many subscribers telling us how Music K-8 has helped their programs. Teachers in their first year and teachers almost ready to retire all tell us the same thing: "Thanks for creating a magazine for me." No wonder, then, that more than a third of our new subscriptions come as a result of recommendations from other teachers. We consider this to be the highest compliment, and we strive to make our magazine worthy of these recommendations.

So, what is so special about this magazine?

High-Quality Music

Listen for yourself! Here are excerpts of just a few of the dozens of great songs from the past few issues of Music K-8 magazine.

American Heart - (27/1)
Out Of The Ordinary, We Are - (26/5)
The Navy Hymn - (26/5)
Kick It Up A Notch - (26/4)
Down By The Old Mill Stream - (26/4)
In The Wild - (26/3)
It's Not My Fault! - (26/3)
This Holiday - (26/2)
The Brave - (26/2)
Awesome Animals - (26/1)
Unsung Heroes - (26/1)
Intentional Life - (26/5)
Let's Make It Shine! - (25/2)
Here Comes The Snow - (25/2)
Gotta BAG These Leaves - (25/1)
On Veterans Day - (25/2)
Saga Of The Three Ships - (25/2)
Positive (22/1)
Start Your Day With A Song (22/4)
We Sing Gloria! (24/2)
Give It A Rest (23/1)
I Bought Me A Bat (23/1)
B A Galactic Explorer (23/1)

New Music In Every Issue... An Incomparable Value!

Each new issue of Music K-8 includes at least 10 never-before published works with full rights for you to photocopy them for use with your students. Each full-length song is carefully arranged with a playable piano accompaniment and chord symbols (if appropriate). Created by respected composers and arrangers, these songs come in a variety of styles (Latin, rock, country, jazz, rap, ballad, and hip-hop, to name a few), with such options as teaching suggestions, student instrumental parts, and/or simple movement. Students love these quality selections, which are available nowhere else.

You'll get five music-packed issues per year, arriving bimonthly throughout the school year. If you use only one song per issue, you will have saved more than the price of a subscription... a real value in these days of shrinking budgets.

Student Reproducible Parts can save you even more money, as well as time, and are available in physical or downloadable format. Click to learn more.

A Musical or Revue in Every Volume

Each amazing volume of Music K-8 is full of great music, including a brand new musical or revue, which will be completed by the third issue. You will find that each song in the revue will stand on its own if you aren't performing the whole work. In addition, there are seasonal and other topical works in each issue to add more to your teaching repertoire.

Choreography Videos

Our choreographer Melissa Schott has created movement ideas for kids for many of our songs, and she has produced videos of them in a student-friendly way to reach and inspire your kids.

Projectable Lyric Pages

Lyrics to virtually all songs recorded in the magazine will be on PowerPoints for you to use with projectors, and any form of interactive teaching boards. And they are FREE ... a bonus available to all registered subscribers from Volume 22 onward.

Performance / Accompaniment CDs

A special Performance / Accompaniment CD is available for each issue, at a very reasonable cost, with each containing the recorded music from a single issue. The recording gives you two fully orchestrated versions of every song: one in full performance with children's voices, and one with accompaniment only, to free your hands in rehearsals and give you more polished performances. Since the first CD is free, the cost is less than $1.50-2.00 per song, a real bargain when you compare it to the quality and price of other recordings on the market, which often cost as much as $15.95 per song! Download our free samplers and hear the quality we build into everything we do. If you prefer, you can subscribe to our Music K-8 Sampler Music Podcast.

Network - Teachers Exchanging Great Ideas

Share ideas with teachers around the country in this unique forum. Every issue features several pages of great ideas from our subscribers, including bulletin board ideas (often with photos or illustrations), games to help teach musical concepts, songs, rounds, unit ideas, lesson plans, ideas for classroom management, rewards, discipline, performance concepts, listening aids, and anecdotes about the world of elementary music.

The regular Photo Journal feature includes idea-filled pictures from teachers all around the world. And since we pay for everything we publish, you may find that your good ideas and pictures will pay for your subscription.

And Much, Much More...

As if this weren't enough, each issue also includes Reproducibles, Games, Special Features, and/or Seasonal Resources, all designed for immediate use in your classroom. And to top it off, there are regular features like Quodlibet, full of fun, philosophy and handy information. All of this for an unbelievably low price!

This is one magazine you won't ever want to throw out. Stop missing out: Subscribe or renew now!